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After wrapping up the 2nd instalment of their successful Home indVasian Series (which saw them write, record and release a song every Tuesday for 30 weeks), J&K decided to fall back from anything public - shows, social media, music. It was a conscious decision from the ARIA-nominated duo to get back to creating music and start fresh. To regroup from a career that has spanned the ups and downs of major label & independent releases, touring and supporting international artists, the pinnacle of the MC battle world, a TV documentary, plus growth from green to savvy. After 2 years of crafting music behind the curtain, they're ready to pull the trigger. The duo previously known as Justice & Kaos is back with a new, more mature sound that draws from years in the music industry and life experience. The forthcoming album If I Knew Then tackles ambition, fear, growing older, hunger, relationships and egos.


Produced by K
Video by Hayden Bevis (Posterboy Media)



Produced by K  
Video by Hayden Bevis (Posterboy Media)


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